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7 Steps to Getting Started with Intuitive Eating

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Welcome to Beyond Food Rules, LLC! This business is a fully inclusive & welcoming practice for clients of all sizes, ethnicities, religious affiliations, citizenship status, sexual orientation, physical abilities, gender, and gender identities. 

Our Approach to Health & Wellness Goes Beyond Food Rules

Eating is not supposed to be a difficult and painful experience. However, living in a diet-centric society has complicated our relationship with food and our bodies. Let's go back to a time when eating was fun, enjoyable, and uncomplicated.

When you stop viewing your body as the enemy, it becomes your safe-haven and your comfort place. Learn new ways of caring for, and appreciating your here-and-now body so you can life a life free of body worry.

Forget about stringent exercise and shift your focus to how you feel when you move your body. Find activities you actually enjoy so you can incorporate some movement back into your life.

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