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Don't waste another minute stressing about food or your body

Intuitive Eating

Foundations Course

Start your Intuitive Eating journey today!

The Intuitive Eating Foundations Course is designed to help you stop spending all of your time, money and energy worrying about food and your body. You deserve to live your best life away from restriction and dieting.

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  • You're new to Intuitive Eating! Perhaps you've heard of it, but aren't quite sure where to start

  • You're trying to stop obsessing about what you should and should not eat

  • You don't want to go on anymore diets or use calorie-tracking apps, but don't know what else to do

  • You don't want to feel guilt or shame around food anymore. You're ready to enjoy food again

  • You want to learn how to nourish yourself and feel good in your body once and for all

  • You just want to feel peace and be happy in your relationship with food and your body

Green Bathroom

Get my proven framework to help you ditch diets for good and live more peacefully.

You will have access to:

  • 60+ coaching lessons where I walk you through each principe of Intuitive Eating

  • 10+ Workbooks, activities and tools so you can take action-steps and apply what you learn in real-life

  • Lifelong access to a private Facebook community exclusive where you can ask questions and receive support from myself and your peers


  • You CAN enjoy all foods without feeling guilty or out-of-control

  • You CAN learn how to trust your body and listen to its cues again

  • You CAN spend your time doing the things you love rather than worrying about food or a silly number on the scale

  • You CAN free up some mental space and focus your energy on being the badass human that you are

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You ONLY Pay:



Want to check out the course curriculum and some common FAQs?

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Got any questions about the course and if it's right for you?

Shoot me an email: 

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